Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Words From the Forge

Get the poison out
Wash it through my veins
Eradicate the cowl
Too much, things look the same

Too long I’ve been in darkness
While reaching for the light
No further will I anguish
Bemoaning my sad plight

Enraged by my self pity
I’ll suffer here no more
I love the Second City
So I’ll get up off the floor

I am reborn in water
I am reborn through sweat
A hard run in a downpour
Leaves me so much more than wet

The Phoenix and the Dragon
And the Twins beneath my clothes
One symbol I was born with
The other two I chose

The downfall and the rebirth
Are certainties assured
I’ll resurrect pretending
I’m not doing it for Her

I’ll empty out this bottle
Most likely, by myself
Its hollow shell remaining
As a symbol on my shelf

Reminding me of what was
And where I made mistakes
Reclaim my heart for my own
However long it takes

Fall down seven, stand up eight
Has always been my line
I could never have imagined
There would be a Number Nine

Behind me, there’s a wall
And before me, empty space
The path I walk from now on
Will show me my new face

And though I have been hardened
By all the things gone wrong
A hard heart’s only brittle
I’d prefer a heart that’s strong

The challenge now before me
That lies within my skin
Is to ignore that nagging voice
That says I’ll never win

I have to keep from shutting down
But I don’t want to feel
I may feel grateful for a forge fire
But I won’t miss being steel