Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life is Grand (no, really)

Spent some time in a great town with a wonderful woman. Heather is so much fun to be with, it makes me ache a little...

I had a wonderful birthday, thanks to my friends and co-workers. They're awesome. Last year, most of the happy birthday messages I got (aside from the obligatory ones from the family) came from things like Defensive Driving.com.

We got a kitten, too. My boss found him in the engine of her car, so we pulled him out and Heather and I took him in. His name's Fred. We need to get him to the vet, but we're looking for the mobile services that sometimes appear in front of various pet stores during certain hours on certain days. Any information leading to the whereabouts/times of these things will be greatly appreciated.

We're moving again soon, too. Pain in the ass that it is, the lease here is up in a few days, so we're sub-letting from a friend for the next couple of months. I hate moving with a glorious passion, but it's gotta be done.

Maybe someday, I'll have a true "home" where I stay for years—maybe the rest of my life, and maybe just until retirement. Either way, I expect/hope it's soon. And if not . . . . maybe I'll be able to afford movers.

And I'm working on selling most of what I own, whether I leave town or not. I'm in a quite serious amount of debt due to the fact that I failed to live my 20's in squalor so that I could afford the lifestyle I've lived the last several years. Kinda bass-ackwards, but there it is. If I can sell off most of what I own, perhaps I can equalize and start this whole thing over again. And maybe if I find success fast enough, I won't have to.

Damnation, but if only I could get a grip on my life before it's gone. I found an amazing, beautiful, passionate woman to spend my time with. Now if only I could add a career to that, I think I'll be completely happy.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


It's nearly 6 a.m. as I write this, and I can't sleep.
In three hours, Heather and I are getting on a plane to New Orleans, where we'll be spending the next few days.
My mother got Librarian of the Year for Lewisville ISD.

I met with two of my best and oldest friends, both of whom haven't lived in the same town as me in years.

My 29th birthday is Friday.

Another of my friends became a father for the first time.

I'm trying to lose weight, but I can't tell if it's working.

I'm afraid of the future. Specifically, the next 2-3 months.

Then I'll be afraid of the next 2-3 years.

I can't think of anything else.