Sunday, February 3, 2008

Biting the Bullet

I've started looking for a new apartment—haven't done that in a while. Certainly not one just for me. It's strange, I moved so many times within Dallas that I never had to actually see an apartment with my own eyes. Just give me a floor plan and a detailed list of amenities, and I know what to expect. No longer.

In Chicago, being along the El is equivalent to being along a major freeway. I think of the Red Line like I-35, it runs far north and far south of downtown, and (unlike some of the other lines) it runs 24 hours. I'm moving pretty far north compared to downtown, but distance isn't the same here. In Dallas, if you drive for half an hour, you're at least 30 miles away. Here, a 30 minute drive only gets you 10 miles or less, and that's in good traffic. And that's if you're driving. Public transit is slower, but I can't ever make a decision to drive in this town again. The streets are small and crowded, the drivers are rude, and it's constantly stop-and-go. My truck was Hell to drive around here, but I don't really fit in a smaller car. Perhaps a comfy motorcycle one day—must easier to manipulate, much easier to park, and much easier to keep the backseat clean.


So I found a few places I can afford, it's just a matter of being the first person who sees the ad on Craigslist with the time and money. I have seen a few places and gotten a few good ideas of what to expect, though. As long as it's a) affordable, b) big enough, and c) along the Red Line, I'll be happy (the cat, too, can't forget about the cat).

And, I finally went ahead and applied for a permanent position within the media company for whom I've been temping. I don't know if I'll get it, but I'm surprised at how much I want it. The job itself is rewarding, even if it's nothing to do with the rest of my life—but there's a potential for advancement, an actual static salary (makes for easier long-term financial planning), paid vacation, "normal" working hours—basically it's everything I thought I never wanted, all sounding so very, very appealing. I've spent so much time being abnormal and still not getting what I want, maybe a little normality will put me ahead.

It's like Ender changing things up, suddenly telling Dragon Army to use a formation. Sure stirred things, up, got him yet another victory.

Maybe it'll work for me, too.